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34 g
STOKER'S Stoker's Green
Stoker's Green
82 g
STOKER'S Stoker's Tennessee Chew
Stoker's Tennessee Chew
34 g
STOKER'S Stoker's Original
Stoker's Original
34 g
STOKER'S Stoker's Ice
Stoker's Ice
34 g
STOKER'S Stoker's Straight
Stoker's Straight

Stoker's chewing tobacco began as a family business by Fred Stoker and is now run by Bobby Stoker. Fred Stoker began producing and selling long-leaf tobacco in West-Tennessee (USA) in the early 1900's. Eventually, this evolved into a mail-order bulk tobacco business. The company's first chewing tobacco, 24-C, was released in the 1940's.

Differing from other manufacturers of chewing tobacco, Stoker's sells its chew in 16-oz bags, in contrast to the standard 3 oz. More recently, Stoker's has entered the dipping market with some great quality products. Smokeless tobacco is less harmful as smoking tobacco.