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SnusFarmer. We have it!

Do you finally want to stop smoking cigarettes or shisha? Then the range of SnusFarmer is the solution for you. We are a reliable supplier of oral products, which can be used as an alternative to cigarettes. The product we are known for are the so-called nicotine pouches, or nicopods. Often this product is still called snus. Nicotine pouches comes from Sweden, where it often still contains tobacco.

What is nicotine pouches and how do you use it?

You simply place the bags between your upper lip and gums, after which all active substances are released automatically. The real advantage of nicotine pouches is that you can consume nicotine smoke-free. Unlike smoking cigarettes, you do not ingest any harmful and often carcinogenic substances. In addition, others are not bothered by your smoke. Note: nicotine is always highly addictive!

Nicotine pouches

The majority of our offer consists of nicotine pouches. You will find a wide range of this type of product at SnusFarmer from high-quality and well-known brands such as Pablo, Killa and LYFT. All nicotine pouches bags have their own unique taste and there are different strengths. As a result, there is always a suitable strain for both novice and advanced users. To quit smoking, it is best to start with a low nicotine level.

Nicotine-free pouches

Have you already stopped smoking and would you rather not use nicotine at all from now on? Then you've come to the right place at SnusFarmer. In some cases, nicotine-free pouches contain other stimulants that give you more energy, such as guarana and/or ginseng. For example, nicotine-free sachets can be used as a sugar-free alternative to energy drinks. Some nicotine-free sachets have the taste of real Swedish nicotine pouches, but without tobacco. This way you can enjoy our products in a healthier way and gradually work towards a healthier lifestyle.

CBD products

Finally, we also offer a wide range of CBD products. These products are available as CBD pouches. The substance CBD comes from the cannabis plant, but is increasingly used for the soothing and pleasant feelings that the substance causes. For example, CBD can help against chronic sleep disorders, anxiety, epilepsy, various pains and even psychosis in some cases. You cannot get high from CBD because the substance itself has no psychoactive effects: there is no THC in our CBD products.

Questions about our offer?

Do you still have questions about our offer? Please feel free to contact our customer service. Here you can also pass on your favorite brands and flavors to us, if they are not already on our website. We can order these especially for you. Ultimately, we want to help you stop your unhealthy lifestyle as soon as possible!

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