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PÖSCHL Pöschl Red Bull
Pöschl Red Bull
PÖSCHL Pöschl Gawith Original
Pöschl Gawith Original
PÖSCHL Pöschl Gletscherprise
Pöschl Gletscherprise
HEDGES Hedges L260
Hedges L260
MC CHRYSTAL'S Mc Chrystal's The Original & Genuine
Mc Chrystal's The Original & Genuine
PÖSCHL Pöschl Ozona C-Type
Pöschl Ozona C-Type
PÖSCHL Pöschl Ozona English Type
Pöschl Ozona English Type
8 g
NEFFA Ifrikia
BERNARD Bernard Original F
Bernard Original F
BERNARD Bernard Jubiläums Snuff
Bernard Jubiläums Snuff
20 g
THE VIKING The Viking Thor's Hammer
The Viking Thor's Hammer
PÖSCHL Pöschl Packard's Club
Pöschl Packard's Club
20 g
THE VIKING The Viking Dark Rappee
The Viking Dark Rappee
MC CHRYSTAL'S Mc Chrystal's Aztec
Mc Chrystal's Aztec
PÖSCHL Pöschl Löwen-Prise
Pöschl Löwen-Prise
20 g
THE VIKING The Viking Dark
The Viking Dark
9 g
DHOLAKIA Dholakia Cherry
Dholakia Cherry
5 g
WILSONS OF SHARROW Wilsons Of Sharrow Dynamite
Wilsons Of Sharrow Dynamite
PÖSCHL Pöschl JBR Wintergreen
Pöschl JBR Wintergreen
20 g
The Viking ISS
9 g
DHOLAKIA Dholakia Blueberry
Dholakia Blueberry
9 g
DHOLAKIA Dholakia Chocolate
Dholakia Chocolate
20 g
THE VIKING The Viking Brown
The Viking Brown
5 g
WILSONS OF SHARROW Wilsons Of Sharrow Kendal Brown
Wilsons Of Sharrow Kendal Brown

What is snuff?

Around a million Germans take a sniffle regularly. Snuff tobacco, as snuff is mainly called, has also been popular in Africa, Asia and America for centuries. It is tobacco made from the dried leaves of the tobacco plant. The fermented powder is brown in color and has the aromatic smell of tobacco. In order to produce snuff, additional flavors and additives such as menthol, herbs or peppermint are added to the tobacco powder. The Tobacco Ordinance specifies which additives are permitted. By adding basic elements, the nicotine contained in the tobacco is absorbed more quickly by the blood and the effect occurs more quickly.

How to use Snuff and how does it work?

When using snuff, a small amount of snuff is taken from the tin and spread on the back of the hand. After putting your hand to your nose, you sniff the tobacco powder. When using snuff, care must be taken that the fine tobacco does not get into the throat because it can burn unpleasantly there. Nicotine has stimulating, activating, relaxing and sometimes anxiolytic properties and promotes alertness. The use of snuff may induce lightheadedness or dizziness.

Various flavors and manufacturers

As with other products on our site, such as disposable vapes, Snuff also comes in a variety of flavors and manufacturers. You can choose from snuff variations from Bernard, Hedges, MC Chrystal's, Pöschl and Rumney's. We will introduce you to two of these manufacturers in more detail.


Manufactured in Bavaria, Pöschl snuff tobacco is very popular with snuff connoisseurs. The Pöschl Gletscherprise Snuff is, as the name suggests, a pinch of glacier. The blend of precious tobacco leaves and a flavorful brew of eucalyptus, camphor and menthol provide a dramatic lift with just one whiff. This snuff produces a very refreshing and cooling sensation in the nose without undue discomfort. The nicotine is mild but the feel is bold. The Pöschl Wintergrün snuff is flavored with a complex blend of spices that evoke fond memories of a walk deep in the forest on a cold winter's day.


Bernard Snuff also comes from Germany - from Offenbach am Main to be precise. At Snusfarmer you will find two cans from this manufacturer. The Bernard Original Spruce Needle is the literal embodiment of nature. This highly scented tobacco is bathed in spruce needles and rounded off with menthol. The content is dark, wet and fluffy and delivers a medium dose of nicotine. Bernard Jubilaums Snuff is a celebration of snuff. This is a highly orchestrated recipe that begins with an overture of a natural tobacco flavor followed by a dollop of fresh berries. The next act ends with a cool and subtle hint of camphor. This overall performance is at the highest level.

Order your product easily and conveniently from Snusfarmer now

Would you like to try our snuff? You are right here! In addition to the best quality, Snusfarmer provides fast and good service. Our customers rate our services as very good and reliable. The package that is delivered to you leaves our premises with a Track & Trace code, so you can always see where it is.

If you prefer not to consume the product through your nose, try our nicotine pouches. Nicotine pouches are small pouches containing nicotine that are placed in the mouth (under the upper or lower lip or in the cheek pouch). The nicotine is absorbed into the body through the oral mucosa.

Are you already an expert in snuff or chewing tobacco? Also look at the accessories, here you will find, among other things, great snus cans that have a container for used portions.