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13.2 mg/pouch
KILLA KILLA Cold Mint Maxi
KILLA Cold Mint Maxi
20 mg/ml
SNOWMAN Snowman Watermelon Breeze
Snowman Watermelon Breeze
20 mg/ml
SNOWMAN Snowman Tobacco
Snowman Tobacco
11.2 mg/pouch
ZIXS ZIXS Spearmint Strong
ZIXS Spearmint Strong
11.2 mg/pouch
ZIXS ZIXS Strawberry Lime Strong
ZIXS Strawberry Lime Strong
20 mg/ml
SNOWMAN Snowman Mango Peach
Snowman Mango Peach
20 mg/ml
SNOWMAN Snowman Mint Ice
Snowman Mint Ice
9 mg/pouch
LEWA POWER Wintermint
20 mg/ml
SNOWMAN Snowman Grape Ice
Snowman Grape Ice
20 mg/ml
SNOWMAN Snowman Blueberry Ice
Snowman Blueberry Ice
11.2 mg/pouch
ZIXS ZIXS Blue Chili Strong
ZIXS Blue Chili Strong
6 mg/pouch
LEWA LEWA FOCUS Cucumber & Mint
LEWA FOCUS Cucumber & Mint
26.6 mg/pouch
ICE ICE Banana Chili X
ICE Banana Chili X
10.4 mg/pouch
AVANT AVANT Cool Iced Apple Strong
AVANT Cool Iced Apple Strong
20 mg/ml
SNOWMAN Snowman Guava Kiwi Passionfruit
Snowman Guava Kiwi Passionfruit
6 mg/pouch
LEWA LEWA BURN Citrus & Mint
LEWA BURN Citrus & Mint
11.2 mg/pouch
ZIXS ZIXS Exotic Chili Strong
ZIXS Exotic Chili Strong
12 mg/pouch
GREATEST Greatest Sweet Peppermint
Greatest Sweet Peppermint
13 mg/pouch
AVANT AVANT Cool Mint Extra Strong
AVANT Cool Mint Extra Strong
10.4 mg/pouch
AVANT AVANT Frozen Berries Strong
AVANT Frozen Berries Strong
7.8 mg/pouch
AVANT AVANT Raspberry Liquorice
AVANT Raspberry Liquorice
20 mg/ml
SNOWMAN Snowman Cola Ice
Snowman Cola Ice
10.4 mg/pouch
AVANT AVANT Cool Ice Tea Strong
AVANT Cool Ice Tea Strong
11.2 mg/pouch
ZIXS ZIXS Cola Buzz Slim
ZIXS Cola Buzz Slim

Always the latest products

As the market of Chew Bags, Nicotine Pouches, Vapes, Snuff and Nicotine Free Pouches is constantly expanding, we always have new products in our range. Visit our website regularly to make sure you don't miss any news! 

Nicotine-free products

You would like to do without nicotine as well as tobacco? Then try our nicotine-free pouches. These are small pouches that are applied under the upper lip. Do you fancy the effect of CBD but without the nicotine? Cannadips Tropical Mango pouches are a good choice for this. They contain water-soluble CBD and the taste of tropical mangoes. The nicotine-free Fresh Mint Guarana pouches by One Punch give you energy through the day thanks to the natural caffeine of the guarana plant.


Vapes are high on the agenda at the moment. Smoking without smelling unpleasant. Smoking Juice has launched the Purple Rain Vape, a product that has the delicious taste of grapes. It is also available as Pineapple Ice, Banana Ice and other variations. These e-cigarettes are new generation vapes and produce a higher vapour volume than most disposable vapes.

Nicotine Sprays

The Nicup Habanero Nicotine Spray offers an innovative way to quit smoking. Injecting the liquid under the tongue significantly reduces the craving for a cigarette. For an extra fast absorption of nicotine.

New brands

New manufacturers are always coming out with the latest products. Stripe has released a whole collection with different flavours. They also have different strengths of 20 mg/g and 40 mg/g. Try Stripe Frosty Vine nicotine pouches that taste like grapes and mint.

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