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Try disposable vapes from Snus Farmer

Disposable vapes, also known as e-cigarettes, have revolutionized smoking. The vapor that is expelled puts less strain on you than with conventional smoke. If you're new to disposable vapes, you've come to the right place at Snus Farmer. We offer a variety of brands and flavors.

What is a disposable vape?

A disposable vape is an electronic device that heats a liquid called e-liquid. In contrast to cigarette smoke, e-cigarette vapor does not contain any combustion products. The vapes are always completely tobacco-free and less harmful than traditional cigarettes. An additional benefit of electronic cigarettes is that while some vapor flavors are similar to cigarette flavors, they are much less smelly on hands and hair. The term "disposable" can be a bit confusing. Because the disposable vapes are not only intended for a single use, which you then dispose of. Rather, the thought behind it is that there is a certain number of maximum moves. This is usually between 400 and 650.

How are disposable vapes used?

The disposable vape variants offer an easy entry into the world of e-cigarettes. Disposable models offer different aromas, are particularly easy to use and are not very expensive. A disposable vape is already filled with e-liquid, which means that you can use it right out of the box.

Various flavors and manufacturers

As with other products on our site such as the nicotine pouches, the disposable vapes also have various flavors. They are available from well-known manufacturers such as Grant, V&You and many more.


The well-known manufacturer Killa has launched the so-called Killa Switch disposable vapes. This allows you to make 600 moves. There are various flavors, especially the fruity variants are very popular. Would you like a fruit kick? Then the Strawberry Watermelon Disposable Vape is definitely worth trying. If you prefer the classic flavor, we recommend the Killa Switch Tobacco Vanilla disposable vape. It consists of high-quality components and, thanks to advanced technology, is incredibly small and ergonomic: only 9.5 x 9.5 x 110 mm.

Eleven bars

A disposable vape from Elf Bar is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for on the go. The 550 mAh battery lasts for around 500-600 puffs. There are various fruity variants such as the Strawberry Ice disposable vape, which is known for a perfect taste experience. Elf Bar also has a range of disposable nicotine-free vapes, such as this Apple Peach flavored one.

Moti Piin and Moti Piin 2

Moti is from Las Vegas and they have great disposable vapes on offer with Moti Piin and Moti Piin 2. The Moti Menthol Tobacco has the authentic tobacco flavor with an added touch of menthol. Content: 400 moves. Fancy chewing gum? Then how about a disposable vape that tastes like it? Moti Blue Bubblegum has the familiar taste of bubble gum, nice and sweet and recognizable.

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