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What are chew bags?

Chew Bags is the English term for chewing tobacco. It is a nicotine chew product in which long strips of cut tobacco are placed in a sachet. They are very similar to snus and nicotine pouches respectively, but they are not the same. Chew Bags are filled with cut unfermented tobacco. The flavor develops a little slower when the tobacco is cut as opposed to when it is ground. As a result, notes of dried fruit can often be tasted in the final product as well.

How are chew bags used?

Put a chew bag in your mouth. You can then chew the sachet lightly to allow its ingredients to unfold and work.
When the pouch is wet, slide the pouch into your cheek pouch or under your upper lip and let it rest. Attention, do not chew the chew bag too much, it is not used like chewing gum but only chewed lightly. At Snusfarmer you will find a wide range of chew bags.

Popular brands

Anyone who has already familiarized themselves a little with the market knows the most popular brands. These include, for example, Pablo, Siberia, Thunder and many more. All brands offer different strengths of chew bags. So there is something for both connoisseurs and beginners. Possibly the strongest and most powerful Swedish chew bag on the market, the Siberia -80ºc Xtremely Black is not recommended for beginners. The Thunder Frosted Chew Bags are a little less strong and are also suitable for people with less experience in chewing tobacco.

Different sizes

The size of the bags may differ from product to product. Try what you like the most. In general, slim portions are slightly more discreet than regular or large portions due to their slightly slimmer shape. Mini portions are very small and inconspicuous. Siberia White Dry is ideal if you are trying out a chew bag for the first time and don't want to attract attention with it.

What flavors are Chew Bags available in?

The most popular flavors are mint, peppermint, menthol and of course classic tobacco flavor. According to your taste! For example, Siberia -80 ℃ Brown is a strong chewing tobacco blend that gives an extended and very special spearmint experience. Or how about something fruity? The Thunder Lit Ruby Sting tastes like raspberries.

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