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Pablo Chew Bags - Intense chewing tobacco with high nicotine content

Pablo Chew Bags are certainly well-known among chewing tobacco users. They are not for cowards or beginners as they have a very high nicotine strength (46mg/g). 

You feel the intense nicotine kick after just a few minutes and sometimes the effect lasts for more than an hour. 

What are Pablo Chew Bags and how do you use them? 

For a chew bag, cut tobacco is put into long strips in a portion bag, creating a chew product with nicotine. Is there a difference between Chew Bags and nicotine pouches? Yes. Chew Bags are filled with cut, non-fermented tobacco, while nicotine pouches contain fermented, finely ground tobacco. The flavour develops slightly slower with cut tobacco than with ground tobacco.
You put a Chew Bag in your mouth and chew it lightly, allowing the ingredients to develop and take effect. When the bag is moist, put it in your cheek pouch or under your upper lip, where it rests.

Pablo Chew Bags - two different sizes available

At Snusfarmer, you will find a wide range of Chew Bags. Pablo Chew Bags Ice Cold taste like mint and spearmint. They are available in different sizes. The Pablo Chew Bag Ice Cold Regular 46 mg/g is often used. Try out what suits you best. Slim portions are usually a bit more discreet than regular or large portions because they are a bit slimmer. If you like an extra intense nicotine kick, the Regular Chew Bags are suitable.
Slimer and more discreet are the Slim portions. Try the Pablo Chew Bag Ice Cold Slim 46mg/g.

Order your product now simply and easily at Snusfarmer.

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Because the Pablo Chew bags are very strong, they are not suitable for people who are growing up. Therefore, if you are just getting introduced to chewing tobacco, we recommend you start with a chew bag with a lower nicotine content. For example, try the Stockers Green Long Cut Chewing Tobacco. This has a mild tobacco flavour with a hint of wintergreen. The nicotine strength is 2 on a scale of 5 and can therefore be described as normal.Have you been using chewing tobacco for a while? Take a look at the accessories, here you will find, among other things, great snus tins with a tray for used portions.