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The brand – What is special about REBEL nicotine pouches?

In the world of nicotine pouches, the REBEL brand is still relatively new and unknown. REBEL pouches are manufactured by Tobacco International Inc. in the USA. The idea of the REBEL brand was born out of a desire to shake up the nicotine pouch scene. Changing the product while using the traditional manufacturing processes was the mission. A very successful mission, as we at Snus Farmer think!

Dare to be different - be a REBEL!


REBEL nicotine pouches are produced using traditional manufacturing processes. Perfection and quality in production are the top priority. A precise high-tech manufacturing process is used for production and specially selected raw materials are used. The bag shell is made of a dense fiber for a long-lasting taste experience. To ensure that the sachets are as smooth and irritation-free as possible in the mouth, each sachet is individually cut with a sharp and precise cut. Before the sachets are packed into the fancy tins, each nicotine sachet is moistened individually so that they do not stick together. REBEL Nicotine Pouches are tobacco-free, smoke-free, spit-free and available in many flavors and strengths that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Which flavors of the REBEL brand are available at Snus Farmer?

The REBEL nicotine pouches are available in different flavors from Snus Farmer. How about Zesty Lime Extreme? These bags contain the delicious, slightly sour aroma of lime combined with the fresh taste of mint. This combination creates a stunning, cool effect.

Are you more into the classic fresh mint taste? Then Ice Mint Strong is definitely the right flavor. The cool mint aroma refreshes and gives you a special experience. Another flavor in our range is Freeze Mint Extreme. These REBEL nicotine pouches have a slightly salty but very fresh mint taste and have an excellent cooling effect.

The rebellious strengths

Snus Farmer carries various strengths of the REBEL brand. You decide which strength is right for you! Each flavor of the REBEL nicotine pouches has its own specific amount of nicotine. If you are more of a beginner, you should choose Ice Mint Strong. These sachets contain the lowest amount of nicotine per sachet at 16 mg/g. You get almost double the nicotine content with Zesty Lime Extreme, this item contains 28.5 mg/g nicotine per pouch. Or you can choose the Freeze Mint Extreme REBEL nicotine pouches. These sachets contain 30 mg/g nicotine per sachet.

In addition to the pouches or pouches from REBEL, you can of course also choose from other brands with different nicotine strengths. From the VELO brand there is the X-Freeze MAX Regular with a nicotine quantity of 20 mg/g or from the ZIXS brand the Lemon Rush nicotine pouch with 8 mg/g nicotine per pouch. For the real junkies among you we have nicotine pouches from FEDRS or DOPE. These pouches contain a lot of nicotine. FEDRS Double Mint Hard contains 65 mg/g and DOPE Freeze #50 has 50 mg/g nicotine per sachet. But beware! They are so strong that they are guaranteed not to be suitable for beginners.

Whatever nicotine pouches you choose, Snus Farmer has them all! And if you want to try something different for a change, try our vapes! We have these with nicotine or as vapes without nicotine. Don't hesitate any longer, try everything at Snus Farmer!